Google finally fixes Pixel’s Camera-related Security flaw

The camera-related security flaw could ‘facilitate tracking’ on the Google Pixel

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  3. Google finally fixes Pixel’s Camera-related Security flaw


    • Google fixes the camera-related security flaw.
    • The flaw ‘facilitate tracking’ on the Google Pixel.
    • Google adds a test, shows the camera functioning normally.

Google has finally fixed the Pixel camera-related security flaw that could ‘facilitate tracking’. The flaw causes tracking the device without due notification for the host owner. Google is considered to be a ‘security focus’ company for web and mobile platforms resulting in monthly security patches for Android, user controlled permissions and various Play Store protections while installing apps on the phone. But no matter how strong the wall is, flaws slip through causing cracks even on the best flagship smartphone like the Pixel and Pixel XL.

According to a recent commit to the Pixel Android Open Source Project, the front-facing camera’s serial number, which HTC made changes between different devices. This form of identification could allow third-party apps to track individual devices, thus presenting an obvious security    and privacy flaw for users as being reported by 9to5Google.

Google however has already fixed the flaw with a patch that ‘restrict access to camera sensor’s serial number.’ The patch now restricts the access to the serial number, hiding the information and prevent the third party from accessing it. A test is also added that demonstrates the patch working well, with the camera functioning normally.

The issues for the Pixel smartphones however doesn’t ends right away.  A report recently surfaced on Google’s product forums revealing Pixel phones audio distortion while playing media at maximum volume. The Pixel owners report that the device speakers output a cracking sound when the volume is pitched at the highest level. The issue occurs even while listening music on the headphones.

There were problems with the device camera as well, where it randomly freezes displaying pink or purple lines across the screen all of a sudden. A lens flaring issue also occurred while taking pictures or recording videos. More recently a few reports of unexpected shutdowns have been hovering where the phone turns off even when it has a descent 30 per cent of charge.

Google, however would most likely include patch for the flaw in this month’s security patches.