Google Dashboard gets a new look and improved privacy controls

Google revamps the look of its Dashboard interface, makes it more mobile friendly

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    • This revamped interface will be rolled out in phases
    • Google says that this new interface is much more user-friendly
    • The service till date has been used by hundreds of millions of people

Google Dashboard was first launched in 2009, it was is a service that lets users review all their data and account use at one place. It is a single place where you can see all your Gmail activity, how many images and videos have you uploaded to Google Photos, and much more. Today, the company announced that it has revamped the Google Dashboard app and the new look has started rolling out to devices. The company says that the revamped app will make it much easier for users to keep tabs on all their account activity than it was previously.

The new UI redesign will help the users who access the service on their mobiles and tablets navigate in the app much more easily. Downloading user data from dashboard to your device will also be much easier due to the update.

google dashboard

The company along with the redesign is also adding some new privacy controls to the Google dashboard interface. The company has put new privacy controls in My Account and My Activity which will allow the user to put their personal information there which they don’t want to share with other people. Google has said that hundreds of millions of people have used the Google Dashboard interface since the day it was launched, and to serve these users better it is taking out this update.

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The My Account and My Activity feature have been in the Dashboard interface for some time, and now that it has made them much more graphical and touch-friendly it would be easier for users to use the interface. Also, these new privacy controls will make users feel reassured that their data is safe and won’t get into the wrong hands.

Google is rolling out the new revamped Dashboard in phases and says that it will become available to all users within the next few weeks.