Google confirms working on its next flagship ‘Pixel 2’

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A premium combination of high-end software and hardware is what Google introduced late last year on its Pixel smartphone series. The first Google-assistant powered smartphone with a highly-rated camera and bloat-free experience drove many to own the Pixel device. As we enter the season of new phones, Google too has started working on the next version of their flagship.

In a recent meeting with a selected group of press, Rick Osterloh, SVP of Hardware at Google, confirmed that a new smartphone dubbed as ‘Pixel 2’ is in the works. Osterloh said, “There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it.” However, Rick didn’t share the specific date of the successor’s launch. Osterloh in the meeting promised that the new smartphone will be as premium as its previous generation flagship.

Earlier, a report from 9to5 Google cited that the American multi-tech company is internally testing ‘a few’ prototypes called as ‘Pixel 2B’. The report claimed that the supposed ‘Pixel 2B’ will be a budget-smartphone with low-end hardware aimed at ‘different markets’ and would be unveiled ‘alongside or shortly’ after the Pixel 2 smartphone launch. The report further mentioned that Google’s goal is to bring the “Google experience and the Google Phone to emerging markets.”

If Google plans to bring a budget smartphone with atleast a few top-line benefits it might face some tough competition as many Chinese OEM’s have already introduced affordable smartphone with high-end configuration in the emerging markets.