Google Assistant now comes to iPhone

Google Assistant will be made available on iPhone from version iOS 9.1 and above

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    • Google Assistant now available on iPhone
    • The AI assistant now understands typing
    • Google Assistant currently available on 100 Android devices

Google Assistant, the intelligent personal voice-based assistant has officially headed to Apple iPhone. Google at its Google I/O annual developer conference on Wednesday announced the arrival of the AI assistant on the iOS platform.

Google’s AI assistant integration on iPhone would be a challenging proposition for Apple’s own intelligent assistant, Siri as the former has third party integration and can answer to more complex queries. Besides, Google Assistant is now more proficient as it lets users control their connected devices. The search giant also announced some improved features for Assistant including the ability to type to Assistant and understand natural languages. Google Assistant with its improved conversational abilities will be able to feature (when live) a ‘new camera input button that returns contextual actions’ for captured via Google Lens app. Google Lens with Assistant integration will enable users to point the camera and take at ‘real world items’ to get information.


Google Lens
Google Lens

The powerful voice-based assistant made its debut on the Pixel phones last year and is currently available on 100 Android devices. Interestingly, the AI assistant which works only in English at present will support French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese language for Android phones quite soon. Google at its annual developer conference also announced a software development kit (SDK), that will allow developers to build an app with Assistant integrated. To note, Google Assistant on iPhone will be made available from iOS version 9.1 and above.