Google Assistant may head to Chrome OS and Chromebooks: Report

A merged commit in the Chromium Gerrit project hints that Google Assistant may soon be added to other Chromebooks

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    • Google Assistant integration might soon head to Chrome OS
    • The assistant is said to be disabled by default

Google’s voice-based assistant integration might soon come to Chrome OS and Chromebooks besides the company’s portable Pixelbook. The report comes from the folks at XDA who found merged commit in the Chromium Gerrit project.

As per the new commits, other manufacturers might be able to add Google Assistant to other Chromebooks pretty soon. While digging up the Chromium Gerrit that lays the groundwork for a future update, XDA developers found a text description for the commit that reads, “add Assistant feature flags accordingly.”

XDA reveals two snippets that give a fair idea of how the Assistant will work on Chrome OS and Chromebooks. The assistant will be disabled by default as per the report. When enabled, it will show an additional setting that will let or prevent Chromebooks from listening for Google Assistant’s hotword “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”.

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In addition, the settings under Gerrit hint that it will allow manufacturers to launch the Assistant easily following a button press. More or less the Chromebooks might have a physical Google Assistant key similar to the button seen on the Pixelbook keyboard at the bottom left.

Google in October last year indicated the Assitant’s support for Chromebooks, but there’s no official word put out regarding the specific timeline for the release of the virtual personal assistant on other Chromebooks. This new development is good news for Chrome OS users at least those who find the Pixelbook to be a more expensive investment.