Google Assistant for iOS coming to India in June

Indian iPhone users don't have to wait long to get Google Assistant on their phones

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    • Google Assistant available in US for iOS
    • Coming to Indian App Store in June
    • Won’t be as deeply integrated as Siri

Google’s annual developer event Google I/O was packed with a number of exciting announcements, one of them being that the Google Assistant was coming to iOS. Unfortunately, much to the dismay of many, it was also made clear that the Assistant would only be available in the U.S. However, it turns out that the Google Assistant will be coming to India via Apple’s App Store for Indian users as soon as June.

Indian Express reported that Google has confirmed to them that the Google Assistant will be available to Indian iOS users in June, so if you’ve been jumping through hoops to change your region, it’s just a matter of a few more days. However, Google Assistant will not work on iOS like Siri does. You won’t be able to invoke Google Assistant by long pressing the home button and it won’t be as deeply integrated into iOS as Siri is. However, iPhone users will be able to make appointments, set reminders and even search for restaurant recommendations using Google’s AI driven Assistant.

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While this was an iOS specific announcement at Google I/O, Scott Huffman, Vice President, Google Assistant, announced plenty more updates coming to Google Assistant. Google Assistant is slated to become more contextually aware, meaning that it will be able to understand natural, spoken language, making the interaction more conversational. Users will also be able to type their queries or responses into the Google Assistant, handy for when you’re in a movie theatre but cannot speak.

Google has been expanding the reach of the Assistant immensely since its debut in October of 2016. At launch, it was exclusive to the Pixel devices, but within a few months, Google announced that they’d bring the Assistant to all Android devices running Android Marshmallow and up. Now the company is expanding the service even further, taking iOS users into its midst.

In addition to rolling out to iOS, the Assistant is picking up support for a few more languages; namely French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese, with support for a few more languages coming by year end. For now, local Indian languages are not on the support list, which is perplexing seeing as how Google Assistant inside Allo can understand Hindi. Given that India is a critical point of focus for Google, it is surprising to note the absence of support for any Indian localised language. Regardless, if you’re an iOS user, you can expect Google Assistant to be available on your device in the month of June.