Google Allo desktop client to arrive in few weeks, company confirms

Google Allo desktop is in works already and will take a few more weeks to become official

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  3. Google Allo desktop client to arrive in few weeks, company confirms


    • Google Allo desktop client is in works
    • It will arrive in a few weeks
    • It could be a web app, native client, or both.

When Google unveiled Allo instant messaging (IM) application at last year’s I/O conference, it all seemed pretty exciting. After all, it was the time when Google managed to pack artificial intelligence (AI) right into it and made the platform more interactive with the help of chatbots. The only concern, Google Allo despite being a chat application was lacking cross-platform compatibility. Meaning, it can be accessed only via smartphones. It was the case until Google’s vice president of communications Nick Fox revealed earlier this year that Allo desktop client is in the works. With the release of a desktop client, Google Allo will be one step closer to being a viable competitor for Whatsapp.


Unfortunately, anyone waiting for the Google Allo desktop release will have to wait for a “few more weeks” before the company releases it officially. Amit Fulay, who is serving as the product head for both Google Allo and Duo, confirmed today that Allo desktop is still a few weeks away. Responding to a query raised by a Twitter user as to when will the web version of Allo be released, Fulay said folks at Google are working on it and we can expect it to arrive in few more weeks. Fulay did not reveal the exact timeline, though.

It remains to be seen whether Google releases a native desktop client or a web app. However, the picture posted by Google’s Nick Fox earlier this year revealed Allo desktop is accessible at (it is throwing error 404 at this point), which is likely to be a web app. Google could also follow the footsteps of WhatsApp and release the desktop client for Allo, which works in the similar fashion as that of a web version.