Flipkart Sale 15-17 Dec: Top 5 deals on premium smartphones

Missed the previous Flipkart sale? Worry not, some of the real good deals are back for you to choose from

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Flipkart has started a new sale dubbed as the New Pinch Days sale. It will be running until December 17, and there will be discounts across various product categories. During this sale, HDFC Bank debit and credit card holders will be getting an instant discount of 10 percent up to Rs 1,500. Some of you may be highly interested in getting a new smartphone. But with so many devices sporting a discount, it would be extremely difficult to select the best deal. If you are looking for a premium handset at a good price, we have curated a list of five smartphone deals that you would want to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Review)
Samsung will be soon launching the highly rumoured Galaxy S9 smartphone, thus making the Galaxy S7 two generations old. However, the Galaxy S7 32GB variant is a deal at Rs 29,990, which generally sells in the market sells for around 35K. This when combined with the HDFC Bank offer and the exchange offer will drive the cost much lower. It is a good smartphone, and despite being a generation old, handles itself very gracefully. The reason this device is still worth your hard-earned money even today is due to its hardware and performance which is still very good, and the camera quality, which I can argue to be among one of the top 10 smartphone cameras in 2017.


Honor 8 Pro
The Honor 8 Pro was launched as a contender to the OnePlus 5 earlier this year and though it wasn’t a runaway success, it won accolades for its camera performance. The device is more than a decent upper mid-range smartphone which is extremely smooth to use and feels premium when held in hand. Usually priced at Rs 29,999 can now be yours at Rs 25,999, till the sale ends. HDFC discount extra.


Apple iPhone 6S
Four devices on this list run on Google’s Android operating system, so I thought we need to add an iOS option to the list also. The Apple iPhone 6S has decent performance and camera. Of course, it can’t match the Apple iPhone X in terms of specifications or even the iPhone 8, except for the iOS 11 operating system. But neither does it cost remotely as much. Those looking to venture into the iOS ecosystem with a decent sized device without breaking the bank, iPhone 6S us still a decent option. Usually, it sells online for around Rs 36,999 for the 32GB variant, but in the sale, it is selling for Rs 32,999.


HTC U11 (Review)
HTC U11 was the flagship smartphone launched by the company just before its sale to Google. And it is one of the most elegant smartphones launched in 2017. Not only are its looks impressive, the camera quality of the device is also excellent, though not in the same league as Pixel 2 XL or the Galaxy Note 8. The device also doesn’t cheap out on the specifications, giving it a really good performance. The device usually sells for Rs 53,990. However, Flipkart has slashed the price of the device down to Rs 44,999.

HTC U11, HTC U11 liquid surface, htc u11 design & build

Google Pixel 2 XL (128GB)
The Pixel 2 XL is Google’s current flagship smartphone priced at Rs 82,000. During the sale, Flipkart is offering a discount of Rs 5,001 bringing the price down to Rs 76,999. It is one of the best smartphones this year had to offer. What I loved about the device and why I’m recommending it is for its full-screen display and its camera, which is the very best currently.