Flight delayed? Had you checked on Google you might have known that already!

There's a good 20% chance of Google being wrong, so don't trust it blindly

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  3. Flight delayed? Had you checked on Google you might have known that already!


    • This will be done through Google’s own machine learning algorithms
    • Google will only state a flight as delayed if it is over 80 percent certain

If you fly frequently or even just a few times a year, the most irritating thing is when your flight gets delayed and you have to just kill time at the airport waiting for it. Google wants to eliminate that (not the delays but the wait time) by informing its users if their flight is going to get delayed or not.

Google in a blog post announced that they have updated their Flights feature, and it will now be able to tell the users if the flight is officially delayed or predict that it may not arrive or depart on time. Google in the blog post says that this has been possible thanks to its own machine learning algorithms. These algorithms might even help the company in predicting flight delays even before they happen.

google flight delay

Additionally, this new feature will also share any possible reasons for the delay to users, such as weather, air traffic and more. The company further mentions that the algorithm will only mark a flight as delayed if it is at least 80 percent sure about the delay. However, this leaves the probability of Google being wrong and the flight actually arriving and departing on time.

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Google, along with this feature, has also brought a new feature which will help people know what is and isn’t included in the basic economy ticket, and how much will you have to pay to get the add-ons. This feature will currently show these details only for American Airlines, Delta and United flights. However, the company will soon be expanding to other airlines also.