New Facebook initiative makes finding blood donors more easy

Facebook will start letting users sign up as blood donors from October 1, will connect them with recipients

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    • Facebook says that India has a shortage of safe blood
    • Facebook is already being used for donation requests
    • Users will be able to sign as blood donors from October 1

Facebook today announced that it is going to start a new initiative in India which will help increase blood donations. The company will achieve this by connecting the willing donors and the people in need. The company will connect the donors to both individuals and institutions like blood banks and hospitals. Facebook in a blog post said that there is a “shortage of safe blood” in India and that the people have been using the power of the social media to reach out to people for donations. The company will be helping people from October 1 to sign on as donors and will be also helping people who are looking for blood get in touch with the registered users. The company also said that to ensure the usefulness of the feature it has been working with non-profit organisations, health experts, and potential donors to develop it.

Facebook Donor
Image Credits: Facebook

“We hope this new feature helps people come together in ways that weren’t possible before. By raising awareness and growing the number of blood donors in India, we want to make it easier for people and organisations to give and receive blood,”
said Hema Budaraju, Product Manager, Health and Ritesh Mehta, Head of Programs, South Asia, in a blog post on Facebook.

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The company will be launching the feature on October 1 on the occasion of National Blood Donor Day. Facebook users will be shown a message in their newsfeed to signup or can signup by editing their profiles. The information will be private by default, however, users can set it to show on their profiles. This feature currently will be only available on Android and web browsers. The company is aiming that the feature will be vastly used in India.