Essential Products sued by Spigen for trademark infringement

Spigen awaiting response from Essential Products

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    • Spigen holds the trademark to the term “Essential”
    • A legal letter has been sent to Andy Rubin’s company to stop using the term
    • Rubin was denied two times for the Essential name due to the trademark of Spigen

The essential phone which was just announced is now in a thick soup, as it is already facing infringement of intellectual property legal suit filed by Spigen.

The US based case and accessory maker Spigen has filed a legal suit on Essential Products, as they have a trademark for the term “Essential”. A letter has been sent to Andy Rubin’s organisation regarding the same. The letter is compelling Rubin’s company to cease using the term.

Spigen Inc. had successfully registered the International class trademark back in August 2016. The trademarked term is used by Spigen for a range of their battery packs, chargers, and Bluetooth headphones. Spigen is alleging that Essential Products has confused the customers with the term which can cost them sales of their products.

Andy Rubin had tried to get the registration of the term “Essential” before which was refused. After which he tried to get “Essential Products” with a similar fate due to the trademark being previously approved for Spigen. Still, he went on and used the term for his company.

Spigen is currently awaiting a response from the legal team of Andy Rubin’s company. Though, it seems farfetched that Essential Products will give up their brand name so easily as they have poured a lot of money in for promotion.

Androidpolice had reached out to Essential Products and got the following response:

“Threat letters are commonplace in our sector. While it’s Spigen’s prerogative to make assertions, Essential believes they are without merit and will respond appropriately.”