Didn’t get Jio Prime? Here’s what to expect after April 1

Wondering what will happen to your Jio sim after April 1? We cover the most common scenarios

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    • Recharge for continued service after April 1
    • Different benefits for Prime vs. non-Prime

With just six days left people to jump onto the Jio Prime bandwagon, many have been wondering what’s going to happen post April 1. There’s some confusion despite plenty of information being out there, however, if you’re still wondering about what’s in store for you once the calendar changes to April 1, don’t worry. We reached out to several sources within Reliance Jio to ask them exactly what would happen in various scenarios after April 1. We’ve got a handy little cheat sheet right here that you can refer to. This is for those who’ve procrastinated on signing up for Jio Prime, or are wondering if its worth signing up, and even the very few who might just have been living under a rock and aren’t aware of the Prime offer. Finally, if you’re someone who’s planning on buying a connection after April 1, we’ll tell you exactly what you can expect.

Paid Service post April 1, 2017
As everyone may already know, it will cost money to keep your Jio sim operational post April 1 2017. The plans only ask for a monthly fee or “rental” and come with the promise of free calls, free roaming, free SMS (100 per day as per TRAI regulations) and a certain amount of data allotment. Essentially, no more “free” service on Reliance Jio after April 1. Interestingly, Reliance Jio offers 10 plans users can choose from, however, depending on whether you’re a Jio Prime member or not, your data allotment and validity would vary to a great degree. Essentially, after April 1 2017, regardless of whether you’re a Jio Prime member or not, you will HAVE TO pay a certain amount every month in order to be able to keep the sim card and its services active.

Jio Prime vs. Non-Prime Membership
Reliance Jio is allowing its existing customers a one-time opportunity to pay Rs. 99 as a one time fee to become a Jio Prime member. Once you’re a Jio Prime member, you get a lot more data allotment for the same amount of monthly rental as compared to someone who is not a Jio Prime member. For example, a monthly rental of Rs. 999 gets a Jio Prime member 60 GB of Data with 60 days validity as against 13GB of data and a validity of 30 days for the non-Prime population. If you’re happy with the service you’ve gotten so far on your Reliance Jio sim, it makes a lot of sense to subscribe to Jio Prime as it will yield far more benefits month-on-month. DO note that the Rs. 99 fee will entitle you to benefits for one year only.


Buying a Jio Sim post April 1 2017
In case you decide that the Reliance Jio service is where your heart is, you can go ahead and get yourself a sim-card post April 1. Upon registration, you will be prompted to either sign up for Jio Prime or continue services as a regular user. This will be a one-time prompt, so be very careful while you’re going through the initial setup of your sim card.

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I didnt sign up for Jio Prime, but I want it now.
We’ve all at one point in our lives procrastinated to a point where we’ve missed a great opportunity. In case this ends up being one of those life events for you, do not fret. You may have missed the opportunity to register your existing sim on the Jio Prime service, but no one said you couldn’t buy a new sim. Provided that you haven’t exhausted 9 sim-card limit on your ID, you can just go ahead and request a Jio Sim to be delivered to your home. Once you activate it, just sign up for Jio Prime and you would be able to reap all the benefits. This would cause a little inconvenience, but will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Im too lazy and didnt do anything
If you’re part of the very few who just didn’t care about the whole Jio Prime and recharge business, your sim-card will stop working post April 1, 2017. What this means that your sim will not be able to make or receive any calls or messages. Services will be resumed in the event you recharge your sim with any denomination, but in the event that you choose to not do so, the sim will be deactivated after the stipulated time period set forth by TRAI. Do note that just being a Jio Prime member, but not recharging your account will yield the same result; that is, no calls or messages coming in or going out.

Reliance Jio has caused some serious disruption across the entire telecom industry and we doubt that’s going to change over the next few months. Mukesh Ambani did promise that Jio will always continue to be the cheapest service provider regardless of what the competition has to offer. With just six days to go, we strongly recommend you evaluate whether you’d like to continue services on your Jio sim, with a monthly commitment or would you rather just ditch the telecom and stick to Airtel and Vodafone.