Did you break your GoPro? Here’s how you can get it replaced

The service isn't entirely free of cost, but heavily discounted.

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    • Users can get up to two replacements per year
    • The damaged devices will be replaced with new ones and not with repaired ones

GoPro has recently been struggling to keep a hold on the market it initially created, and since the closure of its Karma drone program, the company has been looking for new streams of revenue. One of these streams might just be the company’s already set up and running GoPro Plus subscription, which costs users $4.99 (Approximately Rs 320) per month.

Under this subscription, users get numbers of benefits like preferential service treatment, discount on accessories and more. To further refine this service GoPro today announced a few additions that make it much more worthwhile for the users.

GoPro Fusion 360-degree video camera
GoPro Fusion 360-degree video camera

The most appealing addition to this subscription is for the users who are a little careless and tend to break stuff a lot or for people into extreme sports. This addition allows customers to get their GoPro replaced by a new one if broken, no questions asked. However, getting a replacement will not be entirely free of charge. The company will be charging 20 percent of the MSRP of the camera for it. GoPro Plus subscribers will be eligible to get up to two camera replacements per year.

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Additionally, the company will now allow users to automatically store unlimited images and 35 hours of video footage directly to the cloud free of charge. Previously, to upload images and video to the cloud users had to connect the GoPro to their computers and then upload. This feature will be making its way into the GoPro app next month.