Cryptocurrency mining sites hijack millions of Android smartphones to mine crypto: Report

You might not have known that your device has been working overtime

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Cryptocurrencies had recently sky-rocketed to new heights, and as long as these values remain high, you will come across news daily of people trying to get their hands on it by hook or by crook. Recently, there have been many attacks on cryptocurrency users.

People might think that these attacks were only directed towards PC users, however, this has been proven wrong. Malwarebytes has detected a drive-by mining campaign which redirects Android smartphone users to a website which hijacks their phone’s processor for mining a cryptocurrency called ‘Monero’.

Researchers weren’t able to pinpoint the exact reason as to what triggers this. However, they believe that apps infected with malicious advertisement codes might be the reason. They say that these apps would drive the users towards websites which would state that you were showing suspicious web activity, and until you were to put a captcha code, the site will continue to use your device to mine cryptocurrencies.

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Malwarebytes has said that the exact number of victims is difficult to determine, but it’s very large. They have discovered a total of five websites that are utilising the same captcha code and Coinhive site keys for the campaign. As per their researchers, all the five sites combined have a total of 8,00,000 visits per day. However, most of the users spend very little time there.

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Malwarebytes in their report recommends that all Android smartphone owners start using web filters and security software to stay protected from these kinds of scams. They also recommend that users only download apps using Google’s Play Store instead of third-party websites as you are less likely to run into rogue apps which have infected codes integrated in them.