BlackBerry’s next smartphone will come with IP67 rating, to launch in October

The next BlackBerry branded smartphone in October will ditch the keyboard in favour of an IP67 rating

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  3. BlackBerry’s next smartphone will come with IP67 rating, to launch in October


    • Next BlackBerry smartphone launching in October
    • Smartphone will be IP67 rated
    • Will be a flagship device

It would appear that BlackBerry, or rather TCL is not putting all its eggs in the keyboard basket. The Chinese conglomerate that manufactures smartphones under the BlackBerry brand name is apparently to launch a full touchscreen device as early as October, but the real clincher for this particular full-bodied device will be the water and dust resistance. In a conversation with Engadget, TCL’s François Mahieu shared some details about the upcoming BlackBerry device, enough to generate some excitement.

BlackBerry will see a new smartphone be added to its portfolio in October with a full touchscreen (no keyboard, sorry guys!) but the focus will be to have an IP67 rating. The report from Engadget says that “TCL will respect BlackBerry’s reputation for building hard-wearing devices for clumsy international travelers who will be working in all weathers.” The report further says that “Mahieu feels bold enough to claim that he expects a number of iPhone and Galaxy users to “make the switch” to BlackBerry come October.”

TCL just wrapped up the launch of the BlackBerry KEYone (review here) which was another attempt to revive a classic BlackBerry feature; the physical keyboard. Earlier, BlackBerry had launched the DTEK 60 and the DTEK50, all three being Android smartphones with the OS being secured by blackBerry. We also know that BlackBery is working on its own version of Android, BlackBery OS which will be a more secure version of Android, which the company hopes to license to other OEM partners. Would this upcoming flagship run BlackBerry OS is something we’d be very curious about, but what is absolutely clear is that in order to have iPhone and Galaxy users “make the switch,” TCL is going to have to offer something very lucrative in return. This would have to span all elements of the device, right from the hardare specifications to the design to the camera. Even the software will have to be fine-tuned to ensure all the security measures built into Blackberry OS don’t hinder performance. Lastly, there is of course the price, which will have to be lower than the flagships the company plans to take customers away from.