BlackBerry partners with Optiemus Infracom, plans to manufacture smartphones in India

Optimus Infracom Ltd to design and manufacture BlackBerry Android handsets in India and its neighbour countries.

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  3. BlackBerry partners with Optiemus Infracom, plans to manufacture smartphones in India


    • BlackBerry signs deal with Optiemus Infracom Ltd.
    • BlackBerry to manufacture smartphones in India.
    • Optiemus Infracom to design and sell the Android handsets in India.

BlackBerry has signed a licensing agreement with Optiemus Infracom Ltd to design, manufacture and sell BlackBerry software powered Android smartphones in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Following the global partnership with Chinese electronics company TCL, BlackBerry has now linked in with Delhi-based Optiemus Infracom to manufacture the smartphones and sell it India along with other South-Asian countries.

As per the agreement, BlackBerry will license its security software and services suite, as well as related brand assets to Optiemus Infracom. Optiemus Infracom, in turn will design, manufacture, sell, promote and provide customer support for BlackBerry-branded mobile devices. The software solutions and security will be controlled and developed by the Canadian smartphone manufacturer.

With the Cupertino giant already in line of supporting the ‘Make in India’ project, BlackBerry has also made a statement claiming that it will help encourage the government’s initiative.

Alex Thurber, BlackBerry Senior Vice President, General Manager, Mobility Solutions, said, “India is a very important market for BlackBerry, so we are delighted our latest licensing partnership will extend the BlackBerry software experience to more customers and support the Indian government’s ‘Make In India’ agenda.”

He further said,” This is an important milestone in our strategy to put the smart in the phone, providing state-of-the-art security and device software on a platform relevant to mobile customers, with more localisation.”

“Our exclusive partnership with BlackBerry, a brand synonymous with secure mobile communications, shows how we are continuing to partner and innovate to bring the latest in handset design and experience, combining the security of BlackBerry and versatility of Android, to our customers in the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. This agreement will help us expand mobility choices by designing, manufacturing and offering secure BlackBerry devices which are made in India, for customers in India, as well as Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. With our strong end to end play in the mobile ecosystem in manufacturing, retail, distribution and support, we are confident that our journey with BlackBerry will be a long and successful one,” Ashok Gupta, Chairman of Optiemus Infracom Ltd. said.

BlackBerry already has an existing partnership with Optiemus Infracom since November last year for the distribution and sale of DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones. These phones continue to be available through company’s distribution network.