BlackBerry might release a much secure version of Android soon

BlackBerry claims that its BlackBerry Secure will be more secure than Google's stock Android operating system

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    • BlackBerry licensed other brands like TCL and Optiemus to manufacture hardware
    • BlackBerry has developed a much securer version of Android
    • BlackBerry might soon start license the BlackBerry Secure software

BlackBerry initially sold smartphones running on its own highly secure operating system, but when Android and iOS came along it got extremely hard for the company to keep a strong hold on their user base. Recently, the company sold its hardware business off and decided to focus solely on software. Now, they soon might offer a much secure version of the Google’s Android operating system called the BlackBerry secure which the company will license out to other smartphone OEMs to use in their devices. The company claims that the software they develop over the Android operating system will be much more secure than the stock version of Android.

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The company has successfully executed its first part of the plan which involved licensing out its name to companies like TCL and Optiemus who would manufacture the hardware and sell it under the company’s branding. Now they have moved to the second part which involves licensing the skinned Android operating system they are calling BlackBerry Secure, which they will offer to brands who want to ship secure devices but without some other companies logo on it.


The company had previously said that they are working on a various number of licensing contracts, out of which some will be announced extremely soon. The company also said that any device running the BlackBerry Secure operating system will be indistinguishable software wise from any BlackBerry smartphone.

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BlackBerry has shown interest in providing its software solutions for various equipments like Medical devices and Smart Televisions. The company says that this is due to more and more things have started running the Android operating system these days and is vulnerable to hacking attacks, so the company thinks that it can stop all of that with the help of its expertise in the field of software security.