ARM’s new processor announced, designed to power machine learning

The new Cortex-A75 paired with the new Cortex-A55 CPU core is claimed to have the highest power efficiency

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    • ARM announces new Cortex-A75 mobile processor design
    • New design to handle AI & machine learning challenges
    • The Cortex-A75 will offer 30 per cent extra performance on larger-screen devices.

ARM has officially announced a new generation of ARM CPUs and GPU ahead of the Computex, the world’s largest computer and technology trade show. ARM Cortex-A75 the new flagship-tier mobile processor design is said to provide 22 per cent performance improvement compared to ARM Cortex A-53.

The new Cortex-A75 is paired with the new Cortex-A55 CPU core which is claimed to have the highest power efficiency. Further, the Mali-G72 graphics processor comes with a 25 per cent improvement in efficiency over its predecessor G71. Apart from the efficiency improvements, the new Cortex-A75 and A55 CPU cores are said to be the first set of ‘processing components’ designed to handle built-in AI and Machine learning challenges.

ARM claims the Cortex-A75 processor to be the firm’s ‘highest-performance’ application CPU that will deliver groundbreaking performance. The processor with substantial enhancements in ‘floating point’ and other compute capability is combined with improvements in machine learning.


The Cortex-A75 and A55 are also the first to be designed on DynamIQ technology from ARM which is capable of taking multi-core processing for ARM’’s CPU cores. While previous arrangements allowed for designs that paired a cluster of big CPUs and a matched number of little CPUs, the contemporary design will allow for ‘mixing and matching’ of Cortex-A75 and A55 CPU cores with up to eight cores in a cluster. This will provide a number of benefits to the chip makers from cost effectiveness of designs to a ‘high-ceiling’ of single -threaded performance.

Since ARM DynamIQ arrangement includes a ‘redesigned memory subsystem’ this has led to double the performance on the Cortex-A55. By using the DynamIQ technology it could free up low-end and mir-range chips to implement more flexible and powerful CPU designs in a cost-effective manner. The A55 will allow developers to use combinations such as 1+7, 2+6, 4+4 that might offer strong single threaded performance compared to the low and mid-tier processors. The new mid-range core is said to provide 10 to 30 per cent better performance than the previous design, and up to 15 per cent better power efficiency and 18 per cent better single-thread performance.

Notably, DynamIQ cores use the firm’s ARMAv8.2 architecture and DynamIQ Share unit hardware which at present is only supported by the new Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55.  The new designs are said to benefit from an ‘improved brand predictor’ that utilises neural network algorithms to improve data prefetch and overall performance in certain applications. The Verge points out that a ‘major architectural change’ with the new Cortex-A75 is the opening of a ‘larger power envelope’ for chips using this core which is scaled up to 2W power consumption. This architectural change is said to offer 30 per cent of extra performance on larger-screen devices.

The new design doubling the performance improvements across the board, ARM says that the Cortex A-75 is 22 per cent better than the previous A73, with 16 per cent higher memory and a 34 per cent improvement as measured by Geekbench. The chipset is nearly 2.5x the size of the Cortex-A55. Comprising of a premium high-end core for intensive tasks the new Cortex-A75 is designed for infrastructure, automotive and ‘rich’ mobile applications.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge