Apple’s Head of Siri joins Partnership on AI

Tom Gruber, Apple’s chief technology officer of AI personal assistant Siri has joined the trustees group of AI research.

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    • Apple has joined the Partnership on AI.
    • The group includes Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft.
    • The research group focus to establish practices and educate mass on AI.

Apple has announced that the company will be joining Partnership on AI, an artificial intelligence research group. The group which includes Google/DeepMind, Microsoft, International Business Machines Corp, Facebook and Amazon was announced last year in September.

Apple Inc., and other companies such as Twitter Inc., China’s Baidu Inc., and Intel Corp., were absent during the partnership formation last year. However, Apple’s chief technology officer of AI personal assistant Siri, Tom Gruber has now joined the group of trustees running the non-profit organization.

Gruber (via Wired) in a statement said, “We believe it’s beneficial to Apple, our customers, and the industry to play an active role in its development and look forward to collaborating with the group to help drive discussion on how to advance AI while protecting the privacy and security of consumers.”

Apart from Gruber, Partnership on AI has mentioned six other independent board members who have joined the organization- Dario Amodei from Elon Musk’s OpenAI, Eric Sears of the MacArthur Foundation, and Deirdre Mulligan from UC Berkley. Others include- Subbarao Kambhampati of the Association of the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence & ASU, Carol Rose from the American Civil Liberties Union and Jason Furman, former President Barack Obama’s chief economist (previously) now at Peterson Institute of International Economics.

The first meeting along with the announcement of a program of AI research will take place on February 3 in San Francisco this year. The group claimed, “The Board of Trustees will provide direction and oversee the general activities of the Partnership on AI.”

About Partnership on AI-

Google (in the form of DeepMind), Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and Amazon have created a partnership to research and collaborate on advancing AI in a responsible manner. The research group primarily focuses on establishing the best practices for artificial intelligence systems and to educate the mass about AI. Each member of this non-profit organisation contribute financial and research resources for the AI.

There are 8 goals in the AI partnership which include-

  1. Ensure AI technologies benefit and empower as many people as possible.
  2. Educate and listen to the public and actively engage stakeholders to seek their feedback on the research group’s focus, inform them of its work, and address their questions.
  3. Commit to open research and dialog on the ethical, social, economic, and legal implications of AI.
  4. AI research and development efforts need to be actively engaged with and accountable to a broad range of stakeholders.
  5. Engage with and have representation from stakeholders in the business community to help ensure that domain-specific concerns and opportunities are understood and addressed.
  6. Work to maximize the benefits and address the potential challenges of AI technologies, by: protecting privacy: remain socially responsible: ensure research is robust, reliable and trustworthy; opposing development of AI that would violate international human rights.
  7. Believe that it is important for the operation of AI systems to be understandable and interpretable by people for purposes of explaining the technology.
  8. Strive to create a culture of cooperation, trust, and openness among AI scientists and engineers to help all better achieve these goals.

With WIRED inputs.