Apple’s 2017 leaked product roadmap includes iPhone 8, Apple AR Glasses: Report

Foxconn Insiders leaked information about Augmented reality glass, ‘Siri-infused’ speaker, MacBook lineup etc in a thread on Reddit

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  3. Apple’s 2017 leaked product roadmap includes iPhone 8, Apple AR Glasses: Report


    • Apple iPhone 8 rear camera tipped to be reoriented
    • The 15-inch MacBook Pro likely to get a 32GB RAM option
    • Siri-infused’ home device expected to reveal at WWDC today

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will commence in a few hours but leaks are dripping off the faucet ahead of the launch citing several upcoming products of the Cupertino tech company.

The alleged Foxconn Insiders who have reportedly leaked information about the company’s plans revealed a few aspects about Augmented reality glass, ‘Siri-infused’ speaker, MacBook lineup and more.

In a thread on Reddit, Foxconn Insiders held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session which has given supposed insight for nearly 12 months of ‘hardware updates’ from Apple. Apparently, the documents and evidence revealed by the group has been verified by ‘subreddit’ moderators. The moderators noted that they were only able to verify the team and not the information which suggest that the report should be taken with a grain of salt.

With over 1000 comments posted on the Foxconn Insiders Reddit AMA, the team said that most of this information is sold to KGI Securities, and other analysts for their reports.

Here’s an overview of the information revealed by Foxconn Insiders on the Reddit thread-

Apple iPhone 8

Foxconn Insiders have referred to the next iPhone as iPhone X. According to the team, the iPhone X will feature wireless charging and use Apple’s Lightning port instead of USB Type-C.  The device will feature glass design with thinner bezels on the display. The team when asked about the iPhone 8 dummy models said that some of the leaked designs were not accurate. The Foxconn Insiders cited that the new iPhone looked “more like an iPhone 7 with glass and without the AuthenTec’s capacitive touch module.”   The team further noted that they saw some “test units with fingerprint scanners mounted below the glass” and the performance and “yield rates” were not good.  The phone is likely said to use Facial recognition and a Retina scanner, which will be put “in the front facing camera modules.”

Source: iDrop News
Source: iDrop News

Other details include- 3GB of RAM, the rear camera which will be reoriented from horizontal to vertical, fast charging support. The group ‘potentially confirming’ previous reports, said that the production of the upcoming iPhone has been delayed. Foxconn Insiders also said that EVT (Engineering Validation Test) “did have Touch ID but not capacitive unit”. They claimed that there was an “optical module mounted under the glass substrate.” In addition, Foxconn Insiders said that Apple iPhone 7s will have an aluminum unibody instead of a glass chassis and it won’t feature wireless charging.

Apple AR Glasses

One of the most interesting information revealed by Foxconn Insiders was about Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses. The insiders called the Apple’s glasses project as Project MirrorShades. According to the team, as pointed out in The Verge report, Apple’s Smart glasses consist of a “Kopin Acetate frame, Polarisised or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics, Bone induction modules Microphones (noise cancellation), Light sensor, Accelerometer for step tracking and head movement app navigation Magnetometer for navigation Capacitive Pavel Ceramic battery Apple chipset Charging circuit BL5 Induction module.” Foxconn insiders further explains that in apps “tinder, nod for yes, shake for no, small capacitive strip on arm for accept calls, volume functions.”

Apple’s Smart glasses will reportedly come in two sizes and feature ‘aluminum mold’ in the frame. According to the AMA, it will have a 428×240 resolution display. Foxconn Insiders cited that while the Smart glasses were “unique”, there’s a 65 per cent chance it could be cancelled by 2018/2019. According to the team, the entire project might be cancelled as “flexible battery is difficult on mass production.” The insider further noted that the Apple AR glasses would likely retail a price of $600.

Apple MacBook

According to Foxconn Insider, the 15-inch MacBook Pro will get a 32GB RAM option. The team in the thread noted that the Macbook Air line is “discontinued”. They also said that new designs have been tested for MacBook which includes “more glass and dark black body.” Interestingly, the white apple light will be reintroduced to the lineup which was discontinued back in 2015, the insider noted. The team also said that the ‘discontinued’ MagSafe would return in “12-18 months.”


Notably the iMac will get an SOC and incremental updates in this year, however substantial changes in hardware will only arrive in 2018, according to Foxconn Insiders. The report claims that Apple will introduce three new laptops at WWDC Keynote today.


Apple Siri

Apple is widely expected to reveal its ‘Siri-infused’ home device at WWDC today. Foxconn Insider said Foxconn lost to another contract manufacturer for its Siri-powered speaker production. The group said that the speaker will have a similar shape to Mac Pro, but smaller. However, they notified that they hadn’t seen it in a while. The insider noted that they tested three designs “one design without camera, without screen.” Further, the team said that the device would come with a “modified A9 chip.”