Apple starts assembling ‘Made in India’ iPhone: Report

Apple has completed the first trial run for the first 'Made in India' iPhone, might be available some time this month

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  3. Apple starts assembling ‘Made in India’ iPhone: Report


    • Apple starts assembling first ‘Made in India’ iPhone
    • The iPhone units are expected to cost lower than current models
    • Might be available some time this month

After several months of struggle, Apple’s first-ever batch of ‘Made in India’ iPhone has started rolling off the production line in Bengaluru. According to a report from Wall Street Journal, Apple has started assembling iPhone in India, completing a first trial run with the manufacture of the iPhone SE earlier this month.

The Cupertino tech company confirming that the production has started told the publication that iPhone units are being assembled by Wistron Corporation, one of Apple’s manufacturing partner and will be made available to the Indian consumers sometime this month.

Furthermore, an Apple spokesperson confirming to said, “We are beginning initial production of a small number of iPhone SE in Bengaluru. We’ll begin shipping to domestic customers this month.”

While Apple’s products are taken to be the most expensive for the Indian smartphone market, often the question arises whether the indigenously produced devices be any cheaper than their imported counterpart. Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing during his visit to India said that the ‘company does not try and make some devices more affordable in certain markets’. However, the WSJ report notes that the ‘Made in India’ iPhone could cost around $100 lower than the current models. This still remains to be confirmed.

Notably, the Government of Karnataka early in February this year had issued a press release ‘Welcoming the move’ on Apple’s proposal of initial manufacturing operations in Karnataka. However, the iPhone manufacturer’s request for customs duty exemption on import of components and capital requirements for smartphone manufacturing in India are put on hold by the Indian Government.