Apple’s Siri to get a lot of new features in WWDC 2017

Apple might release a device like Amazon Echo or Google Home

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  3. Apple’s Siri to get a lot of new features in WWDC 2017


    • Apple to announce various new apps supported by Siri
    • Apple may announce a new hardware device specifically for Siri
    • Apple to cut into the market share of Amazon and Google

Apple is expected to announce plans for the expansion of its voice assistant Siri next week in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC). It is expected that Siri will work with a large variety of applications and will be made available to users in a similar way to Amazon’s Alexa service.

For now, Siri only works with six genres of apps: Taxi services, phone services, photos, payments, fitness, and auto infotainment systems. In addition, Apple at WWDC might also announce hardware supporting Siri similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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Apple is hoping that the users will tend to utilise a voice assistant which will have more human interaction. Whereas Amazon and Google are banking on a voice assistant that has more skills.

Apple, for now keeping its focus on only a few features and is not trying to make its voice assistant do everything. This would help Apple perfect those features, rather than having bugs in all of the features that they introduce.

Along, with the rumoured Apple competitor to Amazon Echo and the Google Home. Apple will be launching various new products including a newer version of Mac o/s at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. But, Apple officials have declined to comment on any news for the WWDC.

Apple is also rumoured to be launching the new MacBook and the Mac Pro at the conference which people are eagerly waiting for. We here at Techook will be covering the WWDC as it happens so stay tuned.