Apple might replace Lightning connector with USB-C port on new iPhone: WSJ Report

Apple might replace its proprietary Lightning connector with USB Type-C port on its next gen-iPhone devices

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  3. Apple might replace Lightning connector with USB-C port on new iPhone: WSJ Report


    • Apple new iPhone tipped to pack USB-C port.
    • The next gen-flagship rumoured to cost $1000.
    • Apple might bring three different version of the new iPhone.

With over six months left for the announcement of the next iPhone probably the iPhone 8 or ‘iPhone X’, strings of leak have started buzzing around the web. The latest comes from the Wall Street journal that reports Apple to replace Lightning connector in favour of the standard USB Type-C port.

According to the report, people familiar with the matter told the WSJ that the next iPhones will feature a “USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector.”

Apple introduced the Lightning connector back in September in 2012 when it launched the iPhone 5. Replacing the 30-pin connector that was earlier used on the iPods and iPhone devices, the Lightning connector became the standardised port for all the iOS devices. If reports are to be believed, the Cupertino giant’s shift towards ditching the proprietary Lightning port would be unusual and rather conflicting as Apple’s decision on USB-C adoption on its MacBook line was already put under question.

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The WSJ report however, doesn’t state whether Apple will incorporate the USB-C on the phone itself, suggesting that the company might plan to change the connector on its power adapters. Apple might perhaps replace the current USB-A connector on the end of the iPhone’s power cable with the USB Type-C as seen on the new MacBook adapters. If Apple applies this theory, then the next generation iPhone 8 would be able to charge by plugging in to a MacBook system via the new power cable.

The report also cites report that the new iPhone models “will do away with a physical home button.” The rest of the report iterates the previous rumours which suggest Apple will unveil three different versions of the new iPhone, upgrade of the iPhone 7 model and a premium device. One of these handset is expected to feature a curved screen similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. Reports also suggest that the Apple might replace the physical home button with a function area beneath the display on the new iPhone. The new iPhone is tipped to cost over $1000 (roughly Rs. 67,000).