Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium, lends credibility to iPhone 8 wireless charging rumours

The Wireless Power Consortium is the organization behind Qi, the dominant standard in Wireless Charging and Apple just joined their long list of members

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  3. Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium, lends credibility to iPhone 8 wireless charging rumours


    • Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium
    • iPhone 8 may feature wireless charging
    • Apple Watch already uses wireless charging

Rumours of Apple adding wireless charging to the iPhone have been around since the iPhone 6 was a hot-topic for the rumour mill. Not much as changed as the feature has been rumoured to make its debut with the iPhone 8, part of the reason for its potential $1000 price tag. It is being reported that Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, adding substance to the rumours. This is confirmed by going to the Wireless Power Consortium’s membership listing page.

Wireless charging has been around for a substantial amount of time now. In the early days, there were several standards, with Qi being the most dominant one. Various manufacturers such as Nokia, LG, Samsung etc have tried to implement wireless charging into their devices, but the slow rate of charging has been a huge hurdle in widespread adoption of the technology. Besides the slow charging, there were concerns over heating while using the wireless charging method. Lastly, an addition of the wireless charging circuit inside the phone meant a bump in thickness and we all know how much we love our thin phones.

Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium could mean that Apple is finally ready to embrace the technology in a larger capacity and possibly bring it to the iPhone. What is interesting is the fact that Apple already uses wireless charging for its Apple Watch. The protocol used is a tweaked version of Qi, the standard upheld by the Wireless Power Consortium. What this meant was that one couldn’t use any Qi chargers to chrge the Apple Watch. However, with Apple now becoming a member of the Consortium, would we finally see an iPhone that not only supports wireless charging, but does so over a standardised platform? If so, Apple would be breaking away from their “proprietary-everything” philosophy, not that we’re complaining.