Apple iPhone X has two batteries shows teardown video

Apple might have used two batteries in the iPhone X to save on space

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    • The teardown shows that the iPhone X has two batteries in an L-shaped layout
    • The video was released by a Chinese YouTube channel

The Apple iPhone X has been launched worldwide today, and as the sale went live so did a teardown video of the smartphone on the internet. In the teardown video, it can be seen that the iPhone X has two batteries underneath the bezel-less display. The video also showed the unique dual-camera setup on the rear and a TrueDepth image sensor on the front. However, we suggest that you take this news with a pinch of salt, as the video wasn’t posted by a reputable source.

The teardown video of the iPhone X was posted on YouTube on November 2 by a Chinese channel named Apple 中文_欢迎订阅. The video has a total runtime of 15 minutes, in which the user shows all the major differences between the hardware of the iPhone X and its predecessors. The major difference that caught out eye was that the device comes with dual batteries which are aligned in an L-shape underneath the screen. The video is embedded below.

Apple hasn’t revealed anything regarding the new iPhone coming with two batteries. However, when you see the video it seems like this was done to leave room for other components. According to a TENAA listing, the smartphone is backed by a 2,716mAh battery.

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Additionally, the video shows that the motherboard used in the X is much smaller compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and that it is not easy to repair an iPhone X.