Apple iPhone X Face ID can be opened by only one user, supports most sunglasses

If you don't like Apple's new Face ID you can easily disable it

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  3. Apple iPhone X Face ID can be opened by only one user, supports most sunglasses


    • iPhone X will only accept one user’s Face ID
    • The company has said that Face ID will work with most sunglasses
    • If you don’t want Face ID you can disable it easily

Apple recently launched the new iPhone X, with it they also launched the new Face ID authentication technology thus replacing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company is now betting that the users will now open their smartphones with the help of facial recognition. Apple has also announced that the Face ID technology will work with only one registered user per iPhone at least at the time of its launch. However, when Touch ID was launched its supported addition of five fingers per iPhone.


Only one registered user can be problematic for some users whose family members also use the device. With Touch ID people could have their family member’s fingerprints also stored on the device. Apple executives did confirm that as of the launch the Face ID only will register one user, however, this can change in the coming days.

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According to an email sent by an Apple employee to a designer, if the user grips the buttons on both the sides of the device it will temporarily disable Face ID. The email also mentioned that if you aren’t looking straight into the device it won’t unlock.

Federighi an Apple employee who had a big oops moment during the presentation while trying to use Face ID also said, that Face ID will also be able to unlock even if the user is wearing sun glasses, as the device utilises IR projection to scan the user’s face which will easily pass through the sun glasses.