Apple iPhone’s new bug causing iMessage to freeze and crash

Apple iPhone devices has been recently plagued with a new bug, the large vcf file format when clicked cause iMessage app to freeze.

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    • Apple iPhone gets a new bug causing iMessage app to freeze and crash.
    • The large vcf file format, when clicked cause iMessage app to freeze.
    • YouTube user vincedes3 provides ‘magical link’ to restore iMessage app.

Apple iPhone has been recently plagued with a new bug that is causing iMessage app to freeze. A YouTube user vincedes3 posted a video on his channel explained how a vcf file send on iPhone running iOS 8 to beta 10.2.1 makes the iMessage vulnerable to the bug. When the malicious message is clicked cause iMessage app to freeze. The iMessage can be dismissed from recently used apps on the iPhone, but if the app is re-opened it causes it to crash.

vincedes3 in his site demonstrated, “When you click, iOS want to read the text in the file is very complicated for the system and cause a CPU average: the app freeze. You close the app, want to reopen but iOS want to reload the previous message but can’t because it’s the vcf file.”

vincedes3, however, has provided a simple workaround on the site, which he claims will wipe the bug, restoring the iMEssage app to normal. But there is a warning that comes along with the solution, the YouTube user says that the link will not work for some iPad devices. To remove the spam the iPhone users will need to open the given link on Safari browser. The link will then begin an automated process with a script instantly relaunching the native iMessage app and then the user to a new message screen. The user at the end will receive a message saying, “I have just save you’re iPhone bro ;-)”

This is not the first time Apple’s iMessage app had been affected by a spam.  A report from CNET surfaced in the year 2014 that claimed that a bug prevented the users from receiving text messages when they switch from an iPhone to Android or Windows Phone device and keep the same phone number. Another report from 2012 cited that ‘new Android handset users unable to receive messages from the users who own iPhone devices.’

Another bug in May last year caused iPhone devices running on iOS 8.3 to crash when a message containing a specific string of text was received. Apple though issued software fix for the spams that affected the iMessage app.