Apple iPhone 8 to sport OLED display which costs around $120-$130 per unit

The new Apple iPhone 8 might be the most expensive smartphone till date due to the high cost of components

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    • The new iPhone 8 display might be costing around $120-$130
    • iPhone 8 might start from $999
    • Apple is currently in talks with LG to manufacture OLED displays

Apple is going to host an event on September 12 where it will be launching the next, much talked about iPhone. Today, an analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities issued an investor note which states that the new OLED display that Apple is using in the new iPhone 8 is costing the company around $120-$130 per unit. If this amount is correct it would dwarf the measly $43 price tag the company paid for the LCD Display fitted in the iPhone 7. With an almost 3x hike in the cost of the most expensive component used in the production line, it now makes sense as to why the next iPhone would cost more than the current model. The note was first reported on by AppleInsider.

Samsung is currently the dominant manufacturer of OLED displays, currently accounting for almost 89 percent of the OLED supply market. The report stated that Samsung due to being the sole supplier had an upper hand in the negotiations. He also said in the report that Apple due to extremely high speculated demand would require another OLED supplier, and as per a report by Bloomberg Apple is in talks with LG for supplying OLED displays for the company’s next round of smartphones.


According to the report by Bloomberg, LG is facing challenges in ramping up its OLED production to match that of Samsung. It is also being expected that the iPhone that will be launched in 2018 will be the first one to sport an LG manufactured OLED display.

If the report by KGI securities is to be believed then it can be assumed that the new iPhone will be priced a lot higher than the iPhone 7 when it launched. Previously, we have seen reports stating that the new iPhone 8 will start at $999.

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It is also expected that Apple will be introducing a 3D facial recognition module on the front of the device for unlocking in favour of the TouchID sensor we have been seeing Apple use since it launched the iPhone 5S. However, we cannot guarantee that Apple will be removing the fingerprint sensor from the smartphone.