Apple HomePod with Siri launched at WWDC 2017

Apple has unveiled the Siri integrated speaker the HomePod at WWDC17

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    • The HomePod will go on sale in December.
    • The HomePod will cost $349 (approx. Rs. 22,500)
    • Comes with an A8 chip integrated.

Apple on Monday launched the HomePod, a speaker with Siri integrated into it as we had predicted. Though Apple was the first to introduce Artificial Intelligence in its smartphones, it has lost to Amazon and Google to bring a smart speaker to the market.

The HomePod comes just under seven inches wrapped in a fabric mesh. It contains a four-inch woofer and seven tweeters. To power, the Artificial Intelligence an integrated Apple A8 processor has been put into the speaker. The HomePod also tweaks the music to suit the environment and also targets specific parts of the music towards the listener to give a better user experience. The HomePod will also be having better audio quality from any of its competitors.


HomePod along with being a smart speaker also has Siri integrated which can be accessed with voice commands. But, here on the HomePod, Siri is doing a bit of overtime as it also recommends music choices to you from Apple Music as per your music tastes and helps you to find new music. You’ll also now be able to ask song specific questions to Siri like “who is the drummer?”.

apple homepod

Though the HomePod due to the limitations on Siri does less work than the competitors, it is expected that Apple later this week will be introducing much more apps that will work with Siri.

The HomePod will be available to the general public for purchase in December. And, it will be priced at $349 (around Rs. 22,500). Though this is much more expensive compared to other home speakers available in the market, it is having much better speaker quality along with the Apple brand name.