Apple could produce its own OLED panels for future iPhone & iPad

Apple has reportedly purchased Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) machines from Sunic System to develop its own OLED technology.

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    • Apple could produce its own OLED panels
    • Apple will reportedly stop relying on Samsung
    • Next iPhone could feature own OLED display

Apple does no longer want to rely on LG or Samsung for OLED panels on upcoming iPhone, reports a Korea-based ET News. According to the report, the Cupertino giant is has purchased Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) machines from Sunic System which may allow the company to take full control of manufacturing OLED panels for upcoming iPhone.

While Apple is yet to comment on this development, possibility suggests the company would employ these panels on upcoming iPhone 8 as well. That, however, seems unlikely at this point since manufacturing would have been completed by now thanks to Samsung and its dominant position in OLED display space. However, Apple would possibly stop relying on Samsung in future if it gets a better option, and nothing could be better for Apple than banking up on itself.

Image Source: Forbes
Image Source: Forbes

The report states Apple is eagerly developing its OLED technology so it can stop relying on Samsung for supplying OLED panels. This way, Apple could also opt for product differentiation. Apple’s entry into OLED panel manufacturing is expected to compete with Canon Kokki, a Japan-based company which holds a dominant position in CVD machinery market. At this moment, Canon Tokki is the sole supplier of CVDs which ships the bulk of its output to South Korean giant Samsung.

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In the first half of 2017, LG Electronics’ display division also went on to purchase two CVD machines from Canon Tokki. LG, however, has started shipping its OLED panels to companies like Xiaomi and Google. Apple has come a long way since its first iPhone launch in 2007. Now that Apple is completing ten years of iPhone saga, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to undergo a massive design change.

Recently, Forbes claimed to have a confirmed update with regards to Apple iPhone 8 suggesting a bezel-less 5.8-inch screen. The device is also expected to feature vertically aligned dual rear cameras with built-in Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities.