Android Wear 2.8 update brings darker interface, simplified notification layout

Google now offers a darker background and improved notification presentation.

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    • The old grey theme is still being spotted on some models
    • The update is  available with Android Wear companion app

Android Wear 2.0 marked the introduction to updating Android Wear-powered smartwatches via the companion app available on the Google Play Store. Since the introduction of this feature, we have seen many updates being pushed to the OS to bring new features and tweaks. With the introduction of Android Wear 2.8, Google offers a darker interface and improved notification presentation.

The Android Wear 2.8 update was first spotted on Reddit where many users said that their smartwatch had received a new update. It was first reported by Android Police. Google also published the release notes for this new update on Android Wear support page.


Here’s the complete Changelog for Android Wear 2.8 update:

1. This new update has improved notification glanceability with a new layout  which shows more of your message at a glance.

2. We have also made the background darker for better readability.

The new darker background might help improve the battery life of smartwatches with an OLED display. As in OLEDs, the display doesn’t emit any colour when its black. Instead, it turns itself off to save on battery. Google has also said that this new dark theme will also be improving the readability on the smartwatches with Android Wear 2.8 installed on them.

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A few reports are pointing towards the fact that there are still a few smartwatches which despite updating show up with the old grey background like the Misfit Vapor. It could just be that the darker theme may not be available on smartwatches sporting an LCD screen. We are yet to learn more from the company.

To update your Android Wear Watch, you can simply head to the Google Play Store and download the Android Wear companion app. Upon opening the app, you will find an option to update your smartwatch. Simply tap the option and you are done!