Amazon Prime Video coming to Google Chromecast soon?

Will Amazon and Google set their differences aside and grant consumers their wish?

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    • Both these products have come back on the Amazon Store after two years of absence
    • The Apple TV got the support for Amazon Prime Video last week

Amazon has announced that it will restart selling both, Google Chromecast and Apple TV on its online store. This decision marks the return of both the devices on Amazon after two years of absence. It is assumed that Amazon stopped selling the devices due to them competing with Amazon’s own Fire TV product lineup. As per a report on CNET, Amazon has started to roll out listings for the Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and three Apple TV variants.

An Amazon official in a statement given to CNET said,
“I can confirm that we are assorting Apple TV and Chromecast.”

Amazon had removed these devices from their online store in late 2015. They issued a statement stating that they didn’t wish to confuse the consumers by selling devices which were not compatible with their own Prime Video streaming service. Interestingly, Amazon added Prime Video support for the Apple TV just last week, which might also be the reason for them to restart the sale of Apple TV in their store now.

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Does this mean that Amazon Prime Video will work on Google Chromecast soon? That may seem a bit far-fetched currently, as Google had announced that it was considering removing YouTube services from all Amazon products just last week. Adding to the announcement, Google also said that one huge part of the reason for removal was Amazon refusing to sell Chromecast dongles along with its Google Home speakers, and that Amazon Prime does not currently support Chromecast.

Now that Chromecast products have made a return to the Amazon online store, it seems the two giants have brokered peace. And as a byproduct, to address the grievances of the two parties, Amazon Prime Video may get Chromecast compatibility. If it happens, it would be great news for consumers, who in perpetuity, are stuck in a dilemma about which of the 2 devices to invest in – Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.