Amazon Echo now available offline too, but introductory discount offer ends

Good news for offline buyers but no more discounts on these smart speakers!

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Amazon recently brought its Echo smart speakers powered by their own digital Assistant, Alexa to India. The e-commerce giant has confirmed that their entire Amazon Echo lineup will now be available in the offline market too.

Along with the start of offline sales via its partners, Amazon has also removed the invite system from their website for getting an Echo smart speaker. This might be good news for some, but the introductory offer of 30 percent discount along with a full year’s free Amazon Prime subscription is no longer applicable. This brings the price of the Amazon Echo Dot up to Rs 4,499, the Echo to Rs 9,999 and the Echo Plus up to Rs 14,999.


The company’s press release also states that due to the localisation efforts made by the company, not all features were enabled at launch. The company says that these speakers will soon get a broader rollout of newer features. These include multi-room music, communications and routines. These features have already been available to many users across the country, but soon the broader rollout will start.

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It is also understood that Alexa, since its initial launch in India, has improved a lot, thus becoming a lot more useful in the Indian context. All the devices now come with 12,000 skills, out of which 2,000 have specifically been developed for India. Amazon said that they are working towards improving the localisation of the AI-based digital assistant further. All of which has been made possible due to the extensive feedback provided by the current users of the devices.