Airtel Monsoon Surprise offers 30GB free 4G data: Here’s how to get it

Airtel announces its Monsoon Surprise Offer, where users will get to enjoy free 4G data for three additional months

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    • 30GB 4G data free
    • Only valid for postpaid customers
    • Offer begins 1 July 2017

The last few months have been very exciting for consumers as telecoms continue to offer better and better prices and offer in order to retain their customers. As Jio continued to offer free services to its existing customers, Airtel announced that they’d offer 30GB of free 4G data to their postpaid customers, starting April. Today, the company is offering another 30GB of free 4G data under the Airtel Monsoon Surprise offer.

Under the Monsoon Surprise offer, Airtel postpaid customers would get 10GB of 4G data per month, starting July. Under this offer, customers would get three more months of free 4G data on top of whatever data plan you may currently be subscribed to. For example, if you are already paying for 5GB of 4G data, your total monthly data quota would, therefore, be 15GB.

How to Claim 30GB Free 4G Data on Airtel
The process to claim the free data is rather simple. However, before you begin, please note that you have to be an Airtel postpaid customer to avail this offer. This offer can be availed by old and new customers alike, irrespective of whether you have previously claimed the free data Airtel offered back in April. So, here are the simple steps to get the free data

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Step 1: Wait until July 1. Airtel says that users will be able to sign up for this offer July 1 onwards.

Step 2: Download and install MyAirtel App.

Step 3: Log into the MyAirtel app using the number on which you’d like to claim the benefit

Step 4: Once logged in, you will get a prompt to claim the free data. Just click on it and watch your data quote go up.

Recently, SpeedTest by Ookla had claimed that Airtel was the fastest 4G network in the country, while Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has declared Reliance Jio as the fastest 4G network at various occasions. We found that while TRAI declares Reliance Jio 4G download speed almost twice as fast as rivals, it was just not the case in our testing. Regardless of who is the fastest, free 4G data is always a good thing. TRAI has some regulations in place that prohibits companies from offering free services without check. For starters, a telco can only offer free or heavily subsidised services for a maximum of 90 days as part of a promotion. Further, the telco can offer said promotion only twice.