A new bug prevents users from answering calls on Apple iPhone X: Report

Answering a call was never this difficult for some...

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    • iOS 12 will not get various new features
    • Some planned new features will be pushed back to 2019

A new report from The Financial Times states that Apple is working on a fix for an iPhone bug which is preventing users from answering incoming calls. As per the report, the users can hear their smartphones ring, however, there is no option on the screen to pick up or decline the call. A complaint on Apple’s online support forum states “I can often not see an incoming call coming, can only hear it! At other times, there is a significant delay.”

Previously there have also been many reports of other iPhones other than the X having the same issue for some time. Some users have been lucky enough to get rid of the bug by restarting their phone, however, some haven’t.


Apple’s software chief Craig Frderighi recently said that the next iteration of the iOS software a.k.a. iOS 12 might include less new features to improve the system stability and the overall experience. This might just be the right decision on Apple’s part, given the recent history of many minor and major bugs showing up in iOS and macOS.

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While this might help users have a much more bug-free experience, they may not get a lot of new features to flaunt and played around with. But I don’t think too many users would overly mind waiting a little longer for newer features in exchange of a more optimised iOS.