Vivo V5 Plus Review

Vivo jumps on the dual-camera bandwagon, but with a twist.

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Vivo V5 Plus

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It’s quite evident that the smartphone industry is heavily leaning towards dual-camera setups as the next big thing. While the idea isn’t exactly new – HTC had tried this as a USP for some of its devices – it has caught on with the advent of Huawei’s P9, Honor 8 and the iPhone 7 Plus. A lot of new devices have been announced or rumoured to be coming with dual camera setups, either for better light reception, or the more desired, background defocus or bokeh effect. Vivo, which seems to have jumped on the bandwagon too, has done something a bit differently though. It has mixed the latest trend with its love for selfies, and thrown in a dual-camera setup not at the back, but on the front. The Vivo V5 Plus with the dual-camera setup for selfies has been parked very closely to the OnePlus 3T, Nubia Z11 and the Xiaomi Mi 5, all devices that offer brilliant performance along with imaging. The Vivo V5 Plus needs to make a strong case for its selfies, to justify its price tag.



  • Specifications7.0

  • Display7.4

  • Secondary Camera6.6

  • Battery Life7.9

  • Design & Build7.1

  • Software & UI6.6

  • Primary Camera6.4

  • Performance5.8

  • Call Quality7.5


The Vivo V5 Plus is a brilliant device for taking selfies. It definitely puts its best foot forward when it comes to taking photos from its front-facing camera setup. You get bright, sharp and colourful selfies, and the bokeh effect works well under most conditions, and the software manipulation doesn’t look very obvious either. If you love taking selfies, then this is one of the best phones you can buy. Having said that, we would definitely like to point out that the Vivo V5 Plus is very expensive considering other parameters, especially performance. There are other phones in this price segment that offer much better performance (some are even flagship level) and good selfies too. Sure, they don’t offer the bokeh effect, but if you’re comfortable buying a phone just for those selfies, then the Vivo V5 Plus makes absolute sense.

Vivo V5 Plus 64GB
Key Features

  • Processor
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
  • RAM
  • On-board Storage
  • SIM Type
  • Screen Type
  • Resolution
  • Pixel Density
    401 ppi
  • Screen Size
    5.5 inch

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