Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes to the market amidst concerns and expectations. We test whether the phone lives up to those expectations and which concerns it puts to rest.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Features & Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Design & Build

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Display

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Performance

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Primary Camera

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Secondary Camera

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Secondary Camera


Samsung may not have given much attention to the primary camera, assuming that it just sail through, but what did get a lot of revamping is the front facing camera. Samsung has put an 8 megapixel front shooter instead of the usual 5, and augmented it with a number of features that we’re pretty kicked about. For starters, Samsung has brought autofocus to the front facing camera, which is great. The front facing camera gets a total of four modes, selfie, wide selfie, virtual shot and selective focus. All these features work well, but the one feature that really helps take great selfies without fumbling or dropping the phone is the voice activated shutter. Sure it isn’t perfectly implemented, but it gets the job done after one or two failed attempts.

In terms of image quality, the field of view from the front facing camera has narrowed, which means lesser distortion, but also that it might be harder to fit groups of 4 people in a frame, unless you have unnaturally long arms. Samsung takes care of this with the wide selfie mode, which is fairly easy to use and gets the job done. In terms of image quality, the 8 megapixel sensor produces some very good looking photos. While photos shot in good light will leave little room for complaints, low light selfies will also come out well exposed, with very little wrong with the colours or contrast.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ front facing camera comes with autofocus
Samsung Galaxy S8+ front facing camera produces great colour and contrast

What you make up in colour and brightness information, you lose in actual detail. One of the selfie samples below was shot in a hallway barely lit by a tiny CFL bulb, some 20 feet away. However, the photo looks properly exposed, as if the light source was brighter and closer, which wasn’t the case. In the same selfie, you also notice that the skin and hair have practically no detail. We’ve seen this behavior from practically every smartphone selfie camera so we don’t expect any different from Samsung.

Shot in very low light, the photo has good colour but lacks detail
Good low-light selfies, but lack any detail





Overall the quality and experience from the selfie camera is satisfactory. The autofocus is great to have, especially since it works well. Samsung has also included Snapchat like filters so that you can change your appearance to that of a cat or a dog. There’s also a bunch of sticker built-in, which is great for people who like to go the extra mile with creativity when it comes to selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Software & UI

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Video Review

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