Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes to the market amidst concerns and expectations. We test whether the phone lives up to those expectations and which concerns it puts to rest.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it is completely understandable that Samsung would want to play safe for multiple reasons. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a testament of a company operating under caution. Instead of going overboard with new technologies to razzle dazzle the customer, the company chose to focus on leveraging its strengths; namely the processor and display. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is available in three colours; Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Maple Gold.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Price – Rs. 64990

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a gorgeous looking phone, quiet possibly ‘the’ best looking flagship at the moment. Unfortunately, what that also means that it’s the most delicate phone out there. The display being a curved panel makes things worse as any drop is bound to cause damage to the display. The fact that the metal frame is slippery as well doesn’t help with how good a grip you can get on this phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ could be a testament of what a complete imbalance between form and function looks like.

Having said that, the phone itself is a powerhouse. Besides scoring the highest numbers we’ve seen on benchmarks, using the phone is a great experience, one that is testament of how well Samsung has optimized the hardware and their software. Bixby is not a voice assistant for now, but is still incredibly useful with the information it throws up on that one screen. For a change, the OS on a Samsung phone does not feel like it is under-utilising the hardware built into the phone.

Lastly, the camera performance of the Galaxy S8+ is pretty good, almost in league with the Google Pixel XL, but not quite there yet. The fact that the sensor tops out at ISO 1250 feels like a blasphemy, given that other flagships can push the ISO to a far higher number. Fast charge is not usable while the screen is turned on, which is again a frustrating shortcoming of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ gets the display, the performance and the call quality very right, but the few downsides to the device make us wonder Samsung could justify these decisions for a flagship device. Even though the phone scores high points across most of our metrics, using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has been a rather stressful experience. The all glass build paired with the extremely slippery finish ensures that part of your attention is always on the well-being of the phone. The delicateness of the build can overshadow all benefits of this phone for many, so if you don’t mind having a beautiful looking power-house of a device which always lives in a protective case, then by all means, go ahead and buy the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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