Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ comes to the market amidst concerns and expectations. We test whether the phone lives up to those expectations and which concerns it puts to rest.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Features & Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Life

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Battery Life


Samsung has packed a 3500mAh battery into their larger flagship, a sound decision given that the Galaxy S phones have typically been adopted by the business running crowd. Samsung even replaced the micro-USB port of the Galaxy S7 series with a USB-C port, along with enabling something called “Adaptive Fast Charging.”

Our PCMark Battery test pegged the battery at a runtime of almost 9 hours and 11 hours 45 minutes is how long it lasted on the video loop test. In our daily use, the phone would comfortably last 24 hours of stand-by time, but there were a few instances that did not portray the battery in a favourable light. For starters, I noticed a 20 per cent drop in batter life while it was sitting on my desk overnight. I have never seen a phone lose that much battery while sitting idle for 7 hours. This happened consistently over the last one week, with the only exception of one night where the battery only dropped by 10 per cent. Going over battery stats, it turned out that four out of top five battery consuming processes were Android system processes. Average screen on time was 3 – 3. 5hours, which is lower than what we got during the OnePlus 3T Battery life review.

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The real concern isn’t the drop in battery life overnight or even the lower SoT in comparison to phones which cost half the price, but it’s the Adaptive Fast Charging. For some unknown reason, Fast Charging would not work if the phone’s screen is turned on. This means that if you’re trying to top your phone while using it during office hours, be prepared to see the phone charge slowly. It takes about 90 minutes to go from dead to fully charged using Adaptive Fast Charging but, the time almost doubles if the screen is turned on. This limits the use of fast charging to moments where you know you’re not going to be using the phone, which is likely to only be at night before going to bed.

Getting through a whole day of work is a breeze on the Samsung Galaxy S8+, but if you know you’re headed into a situation where you may want to go in with a fully charged phone, you will be disappointed. You’d be better off carrying your battery pack than relying on the fast charge, which is such a shame.

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