Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

On-paper, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is backed by all the top-of-the-line features and technical specifications.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features & Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design & Build Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Display Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Performance Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Primary Camera Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Secondary Camera Review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Software & UI Review

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Software & UI


Samsung Experience v8.5 running on top. Although I’m not a huge a fan of custom ROMs, I’ve no big problem with them either, unless they affect my interface or come heavily loaded with third-party apps and services. In case of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, my experience somewhere falls in the middle. It comes with pre-installed bloatware, which I do not appreciate. In spite of that, I’ve got no big problem with the handset here since UI looks somewhat pleasant and elegant. In short, everything looks sorted, thanks to its unique app drawer, which is no way similar to the one we find with stock Android. But it at least makes searching apps easier, and that’s “note”worthy. So, in my case, I do not use many apps except WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, etc. Hence, the struggle was comparatively less than those who stuff their devices with so many apps.

Notification bar is accessible by sliding down from the top. Interestingly, notifications can be configured then and there itself. All you have to do is long press the notification. It will expand and offer more options to choose from. In my case, I long pressed a Gmail notification. It returned multiple options such as silent notifications, block notifications, and don’t silence. But again, it’s not similar to the one we find in Android Oreo. It simply solves the purpose as shortcuts to app notification under settings. I faced issues with fingerprint scanner. It doesn’t unlock the phone as fast as I was expecting. It also failed to unlock the phone multiple times. But it’s something that can be fixed via software update. Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with its software and user interface. Only thing I did not like was the number of preloaded apps. Samsung should have reduced the number of third-party apps and refrain from unnecessary eating into the storage space.