Samsung Galaxy A8+ Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy A8+ the smartphone customers should buy if they can't afford a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Features & Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Design and Build Review

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Display Review

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Call Quality

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Software & UI Review

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Software & UI


There was a time when I dreaded writing this part of the review for Samsung devices. Thankfully, Samsung has moved away from its TouchWiz UI, thus removing the bloatware that accompanied it. The new Experience UI is what we would call Samsung’s best till now. However, with the Galaxy A8+, I started wondering if Samsung is again filling its smartphones with unnecessary bloatware and compromising on the Experience?

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) software and UI card

One thing I appreciate is that the company during the startup process allows users to select which apps they want to install. Be sure to install the Samsung Pay app, which is one of the apps that I personally use on a daily basis and would be one of the main reasons to recommend this device.

Rest the experience was pretty much like the Galaxy Note 8 (Review) which is pretty smooth. I would even go as far as saying that the Experience UI is one of the best custom ROMS I have experienced thus far.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) software and UI card

The UI does have its quirks like it is still working on Android 7.1.1 and the fact that the custom animations are a bit over the top. Still, my overall experience with the UI was satisfactory for the smoothness that the 6GB RAM brings to the table.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Performance Review

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