Samsung Galaxy A8+ Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy A8+ the smartphone customers should buy if they can't afford a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Performance Review

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The Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) is powered by the Exynos 7885 processor along with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card.

In our benchmark tests, the Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) was able to score 79320 on the AnTuTu benchmarking test. While in Geekbench, it was able to score 1529 and 4326 in the single-core and the multi-core tests respectively. We also ran the PCMark’s Work 2.0 Performance benchmark test where the device was able to score 5200. These scores may seem lower than those of the competition, however, the device could handle all of the apps that I threw at it easily.

Performance results A8+ (2018)

Now coming to the gaming test, the Samsung Galaxy A8+ was able to handle games like Asphalt Airborne: 8, Modern Combat 5, and Injustice 2 smoothly. However, if you are a keen-eyed player, then you might notice a few frame drops here and there. Leaving the frame drops aside, the video and audio quality was amazing. The device was able to produce a good texture and the colours looked good.

As for the temperature while playing, it was manageable. However, after a long gaming session, it does get a bit warm. To be accurate, it got to 35-degree centigrade after 30 minutes of non-stop gaming.

In our image editing test, the Galaxy A8+ (2018) performed exceptionally well. It was able to handle the imports, load and edit of RAW files quite smoothly. Even the rendering took me by surprise as it was snappy. After seeing the benchmark results, I was under the impression that the render would take a bit of time. We used three programs to test the editing capabilities – Pixlr, Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. If you want to try your hand at editing here is a list of the top five photo editing apps that we at Techook use a lot.

Lastly, our multi-browser and multi-tasking tests, the device was able to handle both at an Ok pace. For our multi-browser test, we ran a total of 30 tabs opened in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser collectively while simultaneously switching between all the browsers. Though the device handled that test fine, I was able to see a few stutters here and there. When it came to our multitasking test, we had a similar experience. We had a total of 40 apps open and were switching between them at short intervals for a time period of 30 minutes.

Overall, the Galaxy A8+ (2018) surprised me with its performance capabilities. It might not stack up against the competition in terms of benchmark numbers but it does get itself back in the game with its real-life performance.

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