Samsung Galaxy A8+ Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy A8+ the smartphone customers should buy if they can't afford a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Features & Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Design and Build Review

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Display Review

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Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Call Quality

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Call Quality


The Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) has a really nice earpiece and loudspeaker. While testing the smartphone, I found myself in a really good spot as the sound output was loud and crisp. The earpiece is so loud, that in a quiet environment, you will need to turn down the volume quite a bit so that it doesn’t hurt your ears.

Coming to the loudspeaker, it is housed in the grille just above the power button on the right edge of the device. This was a good placement decision that Samsung made, as the sound will not get muffled even if you place the phone on its back. We tested the device’s calling capabilities over the speakerphone, and it performed as well as the earpiece. The sound was loud and clear, and when talking to somebody in a crowded place with a lot of background noise, I was able to have a proper conversation.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)

Now is the turn of the microphone. During our intensive testing process of the device, we found that the microphone performed really up to the mark, and could possibly be one the best. The microphone was able to deliver performance similar to the Galaxy Note 8, which is one of my favourite smartphones currently and also my daily driver.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) in terms of sound quality was able to deliver what the company had promised during its launch. And to be fair, if you are in the market to get a good smartphone with exceptional calling capabilities, this is the one to go for.

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