Nubia M2 Lite Review

The Nubia M2 Lite has a stylish design and a camera best among its class, but it is enough to beat the likes of other smartphones under this price range?

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Nubia M2 Lite

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Nubia M2 Lite Primary Camera

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Primary Camera


The Nubia M2 Lite might score an average in the performance test, but the camera in the smartphone does pack some goodies. While many devices that fall under this price range provide standard settings that allow users toISO or White Balance, the M2 Lite has more to offer. The device features a 13-megapixel Sony Exmor RS CMOS rear camera with f/2.2 aperture. The primary camera on the phone comes with PDAF (phase detection autofocus) and hybrid contrast focus.

nubia_m2_lite_productshot_850_06In real life test, the primary camera in the Nubia M2 Lite performed really well in good lighting situation. The images come out with natural colour and deliver better details, besides the pro mode makes it more interesting where you can tweak shutter speed, focus and more and get the desired shot. In low light condition, the colour reproduction on the images gets affected, losing details on the subject that you capture. Given the price, this wouldn’t be a factor in causing regret since most smartphones in this price bracket barely manage to even produce nice, detail rich images even in good light..

Nubia M2 Lite controlled camera quality test
Nubia M2 Lite standard controlled camera test

In our standard controlled camera test, the colour reproduction turned out to be good in good light condition. We could see a good amount of sharpness all around and images tend to retain good amounts of detail with regards to texture in well-lit condition. In low light , the camera on the Nubia M2 Lite struggles to retain detail and a fair amount noise could be seen appearing on the photos captured. Besides, the edges also lack sharpness and make it more smudgy under low light. Having said that, the output is still admissible even though it lacks detail in low light situation (quite conventional in smartphones these days) but given it offers to tweak focus, exposure etc., which is hard to find in devices under this budget you can avoid the bitter part of the primary camera.

Nubia M2 Lite Primary Camera Samples

Nubia M2 Lite Secondary Camera

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