Nubia M2 Lite Review

The Nubia M2 Lite has a stylish design and a camera best among its class, but it is enough to beat the likes of other smartphones under this price range?

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Nubia M2 Lite

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Nubia M2 Lite Features & Specifications

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Nubia M2 Lite Design & Build

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Nubia M2 Lite Display

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Nubia M2 Lite Performance

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Nubia M2 Lite Primary Camera

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Nubia M2 Lite Secondary Camera

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Nubia M2 Lite Software & UI

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Nubia M2 Lite Battery Life

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Nubia M2 Lite Call Quality

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Call Quality


The Nubia M2 Lite has decent speakers all around. The speaker provides good volume during conversation in a silent ambient, however in a noisy market you will have to speak a little over the normal tone to let the person on the other line hear your voice clearly. The earpiece is audible enough under all surroundings and the and the noise cancellation on the in-built microphone is also quite good. While streaming videos or music on the phone, the bottom firing speakers retain decent sound quality even at the highest levels. The only problem that we faced is while playing games as our hands covered the single speaker grill most of the time the sound gets muffled.




Nubia M2 Lite Price

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Nubia M2 Lite Video Review

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