Nokia 8 Review

The Nokia 8 offers top-of-the-line features but lacks out a few key flagship aspects

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Nokia 8

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Nokia 8 Display Review

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The Nokia 8 features a 5.3-inch 2K QHD polarized 2.5D display with Corning Gorilla glass 5 sheathed on top for protection.  The smartphone has a 1440×2560 pixel resolution stretched across the IPS display. While using the Nokia 8 for the past few days we had little room to criticize about the device display.

The colours turned out to be neat and we didn’t face any trouble while using the phone directly under the bright sun. We found reflectance level of the screen to be in bright outdoor giving us a comfort readable experience on the go. During our gaming session, we had an enjoyable experience on the Nokia 8. The colours popped out decent and graphics appeared to be quite good while playing graphic-intensive games. We tried to compare the display panel of the Nokia 8 with the OnePlus current flagship, OnePlus 5. To say, colours on the OnePlus 5 seemed a bit oversaturated and there was a reddish tint on the screen. However, we didn’t find saturation of colours on the Nokia 8 neither the display had reddish or bluish tint.

The Nokia 8 doesn't have a 'Night mode'
The Nokia 8 doesn’t have a ‘Night mode’

But while the Nokia 8 flagship has a decent display to offer there are few ingredients missing that might disappoint. First off, the display doesn’t have a ‘Night mode’ which is a quite common feature found on smartphones these days.  Further, we felt the adaptive brightness on the device to be a bit inconsistent especially in low light situation or in pitch dark rooms where we had to often adjust the brightness level manually.

Surprisingly, the UI doesn’t have many tweaks to offer on the Nokia 8 display. Apart from the brightness settings, there are only a few significant settings options like ‘Tap to wake’ button, Glance mode. You can adjust the Font and Display size that will make the text and item on the screen appear small or large depending on the options that you prefer. There is a ‘Navigation key light’ option that lets you choose the backlit navigation keys duration (from 2-8 seconds) or keep it ‘Always on’.  While the contrast ratio, and the colours are quite clean, we would have loved if HMD added a few tweaks to fine-tune the colour balance. Further, the addition of ‘Night mode’ would have been much helpful for the late night readers.

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