Nokia 8 Review

The Nokia 8 offers top-of-the-line features but lacks out a few key flagship aspects

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Nokia 8

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Battery Life


The Nokia 8 packs a 3090mAh non-removable battery and comes with Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging support. The battery size on the phone is decent and it promises a day worth of usage with a single charge.

In our video loop test, the phone lasted for about 7 hours with a full HD Blu-Ray rip movie running and brightness level pumped up to its maximum level. On PC Mark Battery test, it showed an average run time of 10 hours and 52 minutes. The phone scored 6474 points on work 2.0 performance on PC Mark. The Nokia 8 comes with Background activity manager that helps in extending the battery life. You have Battery Saver option as well which upon setting it on will limit phone vibration, reduce device performance once the battery level reaches 15 percent. We tried putting the Saver mode to test and noticed that phone meagerly consumed just 3 percent of charge in an hour which was quite impressive.


While gaming for a good 30 minutes of Asphalt 8: Airborne, the battery drained by 5-6 percent. During our workday tests, that envelope frequent usage of WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, video streaming on YouTube we could easily get our day-to-day tasks done until the day ends. Customarily we observed about 3-4 percent of juice left on the phone before plugging it for charge.

As we mentioned, the Nokia 8 comes with Quick Charge 3.0 support. During the test, the phone took just about 2-3 seconds to pump it up from 0 to 1 percent. The device took almost 120 minutes to fully charge up.


Overall, we would say that the battery on the Nokia 8 provides decent performance promising a day worth of juice with standard usage. For moderate to heavy usage, the phone will survive at least half and a couple more hours to wrap up the important tasks on the phone.

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