LG V20 Review

The LG V20 continues the Korean company's tradition of experimenting with new design and functionality, but is that enough to make the V20 a success?

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LG V20

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LG has had a fairly rocky last few years in the mobile space, but it is the one company that has been willing to experiment with design, build and the overall ergonomics. They’ve tried the modular design, incorporated professional grade DAC chips into their phones, and with the V20, they’re pushing the envelope even further. The LG V20 isn’t modular, but what it does have is a removable back, which gives you access to a removable battery. In fact, the phone can easily be taken apart, thanks to screws that aren’t sealed with security tape. Of course that voids your warranty, however, the reparability of the V20 is pretty high and given that the battery can be replaced, it gives users the ability to run the V20 for a long time, furthering its shelf life. However, is this a phone that you’d want to use for more than two years?



  • Specifications9.1

  • Display7.8

  • Secondary Camera5.7

  • Performance8.2

  • Call Quality8.3

  • Software & UI7.0

  • Primary Camera7.4

  • Design & Build5.9

  • Battery Life6.9


The LG V20 is a unique phone in many ways. The replaceable battery, the dual lens camera, the dedicated DAC chip for enhanced audio experience all come together to make the V20 a rather lucrative package. Unfortunately, the phone’s ambition to stand out from the crowd causes it to miss out on a few crucial points. The screen is a very weak point for the phone and the heating issues were quiet bothersome. The LG V20 is not the flagship that would work for everyone, but those looking for a unique camera setup might like what the phone has to offer, but keep in mind it does not offer the best detail in the business.

LG V20
Key Features

  • Processor
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • RAM
  • Internal Storage
  • Sim-Type
    Dual Sim (Nano)
  • Screen Type
  • Resolution
  • Pixel Density
    513 ppi
  • Screen Size
    5.7 inches

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LG V20 Display

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