HTC U11 Review

The HTC U11 is the company's newest flagship and the first phone in the world to come with a "squeezable" frame and a gorgeous colour scheme.

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OnePlus has really been pushing the boundaries of the specification set a phone can come with, and as such, other Android manufacturers have had no choice but to follow. HTC has therefore only brought their top-end variant of the phone to India, which runs Snapdragon 835 and boasts 6GB RAM. Given that this will be HTC’s flagship for the year, it’s not surprising that they want to go all out with the hardware.

Regardless of what benchmarks you run on the HTC U11, you’re bound to get results that are in line with what you’d expect with these specifications. AnTuTu throws up a score of 174108 while Geekbench 4 pegs the HTC U11 at 1917 and 6553 on Single Core and Multi-Core respectively. While the Geekbench 4 scores are very close to what the OnePlus 5 rakes in (1959 single core and 6677 multi core), AnTuTu still has the OnePlus 5 ahead of the HTC U11 with a score of 180135. While the OnePlus 5’s 8GB of RAM helps it speed ahead in the benchmarks, we noted in our OnePlus 5 Performance Review that it doesn’t really translate to a noticeable performance difference.

HTC U11 AnTuTu & Geekbench 4 results impress
HTC U11 AnTuTu & Geekbench 4 results impress

Coming back to the HTC U11, to cut a long story short, you can throw whatever game you want at the HTC U11 and it won’t falter one bit. We ran Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, Galaxy on Fire 3 and a number of other games for extended periods of time and did not notice any drops in frame rate or slow performance in loading times. The only minor hiccup we would probably consider bringing up is that after 45 minutes of playing Injustice, the phone was starting to get noticeably warm.

If you move over to photo editing, our 6 RAW DNG files from a Canon 5D MarkII took under 40 seconds to import into Adobe Lightroom Mobile. Editing the photos was a smooth experience in both Lightroom and Snapseed. Export times were noticeably short too, leading us to believe that if you were to edit the RAW photos shot from the smartphone camera, it would be a rather straightforward, stutter-free experience.

It is amazing how far flagship smartphones have come. Up until three years ago, we had apps that were starting to push the limits of hardware on the phones. Now, hardware has moved far past what the apps require for smooth functioning. The HTC U11 will live up to any and whatever performance needs you may have. In our use of the smartphone over a period of almost two weeks, we didn’t find a single instance of performance issues. No crashes, no stutters, just smooth performance through and through. It is safe to say that with regards to performance, the HTC U11 leaves almost no room for complaints.

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