HTC U11 Review

The HTC U11 is the company's newest flagship and the first phone in the world to come with a "squeezable" frame and a gorgeous colour scheme.

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HTC U11 Display Review

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HTC U11 come with a 5.5 inch SuperLCD display with a resolution of 2560×1440, pegging the pixel density at roughly 534 ppi. Thankfully, HTC dropped the size of this phone ot a more standard figure and ditched the secondary display that we saw in the HTC U Ultra. The SuperLCD that HTC insists on using is devoid of any air gaps between the display and the front panel, which is better at curtailing reflections in comparison to other types of LCD panels.

Initially, the display feels a little too saturated and a little on the colder side, but thankfully, HTC offers various display calibration options that will allow you to set the screen to your liking. Using the HTC U11 in bright daylight doesn’t prove to be problematic at the display is very bright and the low reflectance thanks to the fused display. Auto brightness adjustment works well and we had no complaints from the phone. Earlier with the HTC U Ultra, there were some issues while watching movies with a lot of night scenes in daytime, but things are better with the HTC U11. The overall dynamic range of the display is better than what we get on the U Ultra and while it isn’t an HDR enabled display, it still looks gorgeous.

htc u11 display
HTC U11 has a crisp 2K display which is great in both bright light and dark viewing conditions

In the dark, the HTC U11 is able to drop the brightness levels to a very comfortable level (almost 7 nits in case you’re wondering). Interestingly, as the brightness drops so does the saturation and contrast. Content doesn’t look poor by any means, but don’t expect to enjoy visually rich content as low saturation and contrast will wash out the footage. We found that increasing the brightness ever so slightly brought the contrast and colour back and didn’t even hurt the eyes. There’s a blue light filter to help with the strain on the eyes.

One thing that that was nice about the HTC U11’s display was that unlike the back, the display panel does get sticky with fingerprints. Even if you have slightly oily skin, the display manages to stay fairly clean. If it does get messy after a whole day’s use, you can literally just wash it in a sink and get it clean, thanks to the IP68 rating. If you are not keen on getting your hands wet, a soft cloth should also do the job.

Overall the HTC U11 has a wonderfully crisp display, which is flexible enough to cater to those who love super saturated displays to photographers who want a colour accurate panel to proof their images on. Its ability to stay relatively clean from fingerprints is pretty admirable and we really liked how crisp the colours and contrast are on this display. Overall, we are very impressed by what the HTC U11 has to offer and feel it gives stiff competition to all its flagship brethren.

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